This song is called Strange. It’s pretty new just a few weeks old.

I was thinking about friends and family with kids. I can’t think of anyone who’s child doesn’t seem to have some kind of great challenge.. like I’m sure there are people with kids who are the prom queen or captain of the football team.. I don’t know anyone personally but I wouldn’t be surprised to find that even those kids find themselves isolated in ways. It takes time to discover that there are people in the world like you.. some lucky ones figure this out early and some never make it.

I moved lots when I was a kid so I was always the new kid and I always felt mostly like I was in my own world dreaming of a better place. I saw a picture of Rudolph and friends in the land for misfit toys and it got me thinking about this topic and thusly… new song.

Also I feel like I’ve almost figured out this live audio thing… almost.

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I turned 59 today. My main mission for the day was to find a little time to record this new song. I always say.. every time I post a song.. I am busy.. bla bla or I don’t have time to practice bla bla, but every now and then I get through a song in one piece. But I almost never have the camera on when it happens.

So no excuses.. I found a great spot in my house today so for once I’m happy with the sound, and! And you guys. I didn’t train wreck once! I have to tell you though. If you have seen the movie scanners.. I was seconds away from a total head explosion right at the end. I was totally in my head like.. dude you are so fucking close to the end don’t fuck up don’t fuck up. To be honest, the final pause.. was actually a fuck up but it doesn’t sound like one so no mistakes! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

File this of course under love songs for the lovely wife Tanya Yelgdab

#singersongwriter #songwriter #originalsong #acousticguitar #unsignedartist